If you could redesign your home today, what would it look like?

Experiencing a pandemic has changed how many of us think about our living spaces. What used to make sense may now seem impractical, and lots of homeowners are wishing for different features and layouts altogether.

How will home design change in the future? Here are a few comfort-focused innovations we might start to see. 

Cleanliness and Safety

Looking to the future, you can likely expect to see more voice- and motion-activated technology and stronger barriers between the outside and inside world.

  • Entry areas and mudrooms may become a “must” rather than a “nice to have” feature. Many will be equipped with a place to wash hands, store shoes and clothes, and might even have a washer and dryer.
  • Smart home technology will likely be more focused on monitoring air and water quality. Voice- and motion-recognition features can help minimize contact with surfaces.

Streamlined Storage

Have you felt overwhelmed by clutter lately? Future homes will likely adapt to a more streamlined and storage-friendly mindset.

  • Redesigned kitchens will emphasize storage space with larger pantries and multipurpose islands and counters.
  • Creative solutions will be needed for smaller spaces, and this may include fold-down desks, under-the-stairs storage and making the most of vertical space.

Structural Boundaries

Need some peace and quiet? Want to accommodate multiple roommates or your multigenerational family with ease? Designers and architects can help.

  • Walls will be in demand. Individual rooms (rather than open floor plans) can give residents the privacy they need.
  • Flexible and outdoor spaces that can provide areas for work, exercise, relaxation and recreation will become more appealing than ever.

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