With spring on the way, it’s time to think about protecting and maintaining your most valuable investment: your home. 

It’s a good idea to give your house a thorough cleaning and inspection inside and out, both to refresh your space and to spot any potential problems. 

Ready to get started? Be sure to add these five basic maintenance tasks to your spring checklist.

Examine Your Roof

Winter weather can take its toll on your roof. First, check for loose or damaged shingles, animal nests, loose metal strips, cracked caulking, signs of fungus or algae, and damage to the chimney exterior. Address smaller issues now before they turn into big problems later, and be sure to hire a professional if you’re not comfortable with ladders and heights.

Clear Out the Gutters

Again, this could be a DIY project depending on your skill level, or you could hire a professional cleaning service. Remove all debris from your gutters, then check for leaks. Finish by power-washing to clear out any remaining dirt.

Check for Cracks in the Foundation

Unfortunately, routine caulking isn’t always enough to prevent masonry cracks in your foundation. Hire a specialist for epoxy injection that will chemically bond the cracks.

Reseal Windows as Needed

A leaky window is bad for your energy bills. If the weatherstripping has been compromised or the caulk is cracked, make any needed repairs.

Get an HVAC Inspection

Along with changing the filters regularly, have a professional come out for a tuneup every year.

Spring is also a good time to check your homeowners insurance to make sure you have enough coverage. Reach out today if you have questions about your policy.

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